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There is no life better than the life Jesus offers us. Each week I write about what it means to receive and live a different kind of life as a follower of Christ.

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As the pastor of Community Church of Susanville, California, I have the privilege of teaching the Word of God each Sunday. Click below to watch or listen.



When Jesus walked the earth, he called himself the Bread of Life. He offered people the Water of Life, and said that He came to give us full life, abundant life…



My name is Brian Robbins. After ministry training and experiences that took me to Spokane, Chicago, Denver, and Portland, I pastored a church on the beautiful Oregon coast for 14 years before returning home to lead Community Church of Susanville, California.

For most of my life I have been a follower of Jesus. For some of that time, I practiced the Christian faith in an effort to be good enough to earn the love and favor of God. Now I understand that God’s love does not have to be earned. He loves us deeply and unconditionally, and the proof is the gift of His Son, born as a man, sacrificed on the cross for our sins, and risen from the dead to offer us eternal life. This is not just a life that goes on forever, but an entirely different kind of life. It’s sweeter, and harder. It’s beautiful and amazing and mysterious. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I write as someone who is personally experiencing, not perfectly but increasingly, that there is no better life than the life Jesus gives.

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